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Dolphin Flowers

Aloha Writers,
Dolphins and flowers inspire today. Enjoy!

Hawaii Photo Poetry

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hawaii VOG Oahu

Aloha Poets,
Yes this is sulfer dioxide from Kiluahea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Enjoy!

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Nature's Whiskey

Aloha Poets,
Beauty is a pattern or reflection in a contrasting context or environment.
Flower photo inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Nature's Whiskey

Paralysis slips beyond the fray
Anonymity concedes another day
Veiled as threats in curiosity
Speaking on condition of animosity

Horse traders race their ferocity
Striking a deal of actuality
Aversion to spinoffs emanate
Intensification outside the gate

Landscape the day beyond the rains
Whiskey your say get the gains
Rising tides sink the wild honey bee

In a nature's risky uncertainty

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Aloha Writers,
Halloween associates with Irish Immigrants. It comes to us, signifies the end of summer. Up close and getting closer through October, it can sense our various feelings of this past year.
The days leading up to Halloween (which is attributed to folklore) reveal a thin veil to a stronghold of spirits residing over a world of no disease or old age or death.
Family members and loved ones return to each other at the festival of Halloween. Costumes scare off any evil spirits that have joined in the festivities uninvited.
This cold and dark time of year brings thoughts of food, particularly. for winter; or, rather, it is the community together who lights an outdoor fire and throws in animal bones--from livestock, winter stores--that further wards off evil spirits in the form of a bone fire (which is nowadays a bonfire). Ceremonial flames from the bonfire light the darkened huts of the village one by one.
The village is ostensibly strengthened for the coming winter.
Today these needs are met with plastic masks and bags of candy.

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