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Enjoy and Play On

The Logic Mainframe
     The global talks expound their most recent need--calling for a new study. Logic doesn't think much of all this optimistic trade rhetoric; rising supply chains sporadically peppered with rumors of lowering shipping costs? It is, oddly, one of their most negotiated demands--for seemingly decades, supply chains have been hindered by the continual rise of state originated subsidies(S.O.S.). With this most pressing need their attention wanders to the complaints, furthering the (ongoing) stall.
     "Do you think all those poor countries would attract and support business if they were rich?" 
     "No. Well, not exactly."
     "Now, come on."
     "In any case, you shouldn't bother with a global trading system."
     "That's the easy way," they say. Its we who want the DNA. We want to be the world trade managers. It could be a lot harder if it were not for the balanced and abiding trade package currently on the tables of the world. After all, weren't most countries rich when the talks began?
     "And, now they're poor again."
     "Exactly." Developing countries are always conceding--always over the top on services. Isn't that the way of the poor--always at your service, arbitrarily?
     "Yes." A sort of service on legitimate demand(S.O.L.D.).
     I mean it's the poor countries--always interpreting global talks as having to just sit back and reap in the benefits."
     "Reap in?"
     "Sure." And the rich? Well, that's impractical and, quite frankly, political suicide for any of our leaders who agree with that.
     "Ok Mr Global, hear me out. This doesn't have to be so strange. You can forget about any stupid loss of reputation or, worse, unsurmountable face-saving tactic. I'll hold your hand. Do you need it?"
     "Will you?"
     "It's only going to be a conversation, a simple get together; a little, informal, round launched in the spirit of interContinent cooperation following the DNA Panics of early 21stCentury. I'll help you out, don't worry."
     "You already know how I'll do it. We'll incorporate a new algorithm studying teachable yearnings(N.A.S.T.Y.)--call for new demands of estimations of new benefits--create the mercantilism of old days(M.O.O.D.).
     "You like the idea, don't you? It's what the rich really want, right?"
     "I guess so. I guess the fastest race car falls in love with the checkered flag, no matter what the true stripes are, right?"
     "Sure, haven't the rich sectors always said they want more trade, more investment liberalization with the poor sectors?"
     "Well, um."
     "Oh, I'm sure you already know why they bother with global talks--you know, all those secret subsidies, intangible tariffs all for the of benefit ....who?"
     "Don't you mean...what?"
     "Ok then, what?"
     "The Government?"