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Coastal Jungle flashSciFi

The Standards
Here in the jungle the progress advances, a regimen from the outsiders (not just mere observers) that  rises among the shadows, key thresholds to the business world. It comes here to retrieve something nature has misplaced, in its own way of emboldening opposition in these uninhabitable islands; dares to question the quiet points of political reference as to who controls this private sector of the vast ocean. It's true, the system established here reaches a level of technology beyond advanced, beyond anything the most aggressive analysts and history books could ever predict back in the 20th Century (a time when some populations had advanced technology and some had the more primitive).  And, what about that 19th Century manifest destiny mumbo jumbo? As if by bravura, long after those events struggled against nature, trying to unite all humanity, this system has a singular human mission. This network meets all the considerations as the final only hope for mankind, even as 19th Century philosopher standards utter,  "Nobody seems to notice man is part of humanity, even if humanity has the word man in it." Yes, the system this time is part of nature, which joins this primordial jungle territory with the new, creative, technology, a technology without campaigns of rancor and thirsts for power. This time, the robots will obey.

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Coastal Science Fiction

The Collective
     It seems so perfect, so smart, that they stopped thinking about it altogether, this new design. The humans approach the twenty second century strong enough to build and shape their robots to be individuals, analytic yet friendly, and it felt, gradually, as if they too were finally ready for, and could be included in, a life among neighbors and friends, as a true collective entity. Humans see the robots as an answer, something that could finally control the damage, not to the system itself, but the damage to individuals attached to the system. Humans think of these new entities as the final solution (or penultimate one?), to thousands-of-years-old problem, the problem of how to separate once and for all politics and religion. The new gene recovery online worldwide system(G.R.O.W.S.) these new robots bring is finally reversing what the anti-dumping  pharmaceutical laws could never: the effects of government mandated gene therapy; maybe this time, coming together as one race, humans will rise, sleepy from the pharmacy instilled government(P.I.G.) laws, the ones of enforced drug taking, purchased  at exchanges made convenient as driving through to pick up a couple of burgers and some fries. Yes, exhausted from the specter of belief, the specter of listening  promises and speculation (now known by all as faith based)--the true geneticists know it as the god gene activated--and even still the humans hold the belief in poverty as feast amidst a fat cat world of pill makers; belief in the initiatives partisan serving youth(T.I.P.S.Y.), belief in the validators of international compassion enterprises(V.O.I.C.E.), belief in tax paid bureaucratic health systems with their smooth blend of political voice and compassion. Yes, these new robots will finally, once and for all, as a collective, handle this god gene (run amok?) for the humans.

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Rainforest Splash

Aloha poets,
     Dark hues of rainforest splashes inspire today's poetry. Enjoy!

Dizzyland Express

Outbreaks on the horizon international consortium report
Surveillance with an upgrade for diseases of sport
International officials with health specialists to turn
Laboratory spawns to measure threats of global churn

Alteration in food chain or materials to process
To collect data and respond in a timely crash
Genetic detectives search and probe the source
To determine how widespread on eradication's horse

Public health robots with practical skills local
Tracking disease speed and response so vocal
Outbreaks damage tourist and trade
Step up efforts to detect and grade

Global algorithm epidemics on the ground
Defense department care systems found
Financial insurer health government backed
Robots to human ratio pathogen systems cracked

Global intelligence services telecom
Undetected amidst expansion to measure threat
Shortage data nurse surveillance doctor response
Jumps bacteria, virus animal human launch

copyright 9.23.10
patrick d.adamd
all rights reserved

Coastal Writer

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Coastal Cruise

Aloha coastal writers,
     Offshore coastal cruise sailing inspires today. Enjoy!

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Surfing Sunset Freighter

Aloha coastal writers,
     Freighter and surfing at sunset inspires today. Enjoy!

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Coastal Science Fiction

The Split Perception
     "Oh, intelligence, intellectualism. It wins. It's beyond Suzi's test scores, her admission ranking. This is far too overwhelming for me, or any other so-called human out here.. Don't you get it? There is that split in perception, there is that industry, the manufacturers of Continent I, there are these machines, and those medical exchanges, and corporations with their universities, and stock options, and the inducer networks, COmtrAX. There's this war disease stuck inside my brain, and the newest quantum ultra eco encoder robiot(Q.U.E.E.R.) right here at theOutpost; do you notice how she keeps her photovoltaic cells active even in the dead of night? And, don't forget, there's her Xradio signal. And her event horizon. Yes, Suzi's very own event horizon."
     "Cooper. Wake up."
     "But I am awake, well, mostly awake. And I've got this now. No, I'm not going to radio this one in. We can cover this, can't we?"
     "How? Just sit in front and start banging on keyboards?"
     "The old ones took the time to scan sequences on their screen with the courtesy of purging  in the presence of a human. She never does that."
     "Yes. I know."
     "I've won her heart but not her mind?"
     "Cooper, you are dealing with a being who will never say 'good night' to you or to anyone, for that matter. Only COmtrAX can access her data base. It appears she's been letting something else in. She simply has inaccurate information because she's reading inaccuracies being fed to her by someone."
     "Or some thing."

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Coastal Banyan Clouds

Aloha coastal writers,
     Beach banyan and coastal clouds inspire today. Enjoy!

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Coastal Writer's

The Confidential
     Cooper shows some seriousness, looks into the monitor.
     "Wait, now," Suzi says, grabbing his arm. She pauses for a moment to look at his face, a shear sense of togetherness comes over her, undeniable. Remaining for a moment, feeling his presence, she lets go.
     "She likes you," Carter says with a genuine sense of surprise. Did he consider she was programmed in practical skills, an operator, coded for production developer? No, he most likely didn't. Does he know she is also coded as a business analyst engineer? He probably doesn't care.
     "How are you? Cooper says, focusing on Carter's joking. Cooper is fatherly in a knowing way in his knowledge of Suzi. He is disappointed by her deception though.. Does the network think he favors her? Why does she try to make him look stupid?
      "Did you get copies of her data to the appropriate parties?" Carter says.
     "Yes, I hope so. Thanks for the back-up."
     "Well, only she knows the measures needed to ensure the true confidentiality of her data," he says smiling, distrusting. 
     "Confidential to who?" Cooper asks.
     "Uh-huh, that's what I thought" Carter says, his anger rising, his body a stature of fear, growing hate, and new found curiosity. "You know, there's no safety net, no failsafe, when all else fails, you know, well, it's-"

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Surfing and Boating the Channel

Aloha writers,
     Surfing in the boater's channel inspire to today. Enjoy!

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Coastal Danger Fun

Aloha coastal writers,
     Coastal fun in the danger zone inspires today. Enjoy!

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Coastal SciFi Writer's Life

The Fashionista
     Artificial intelligence holds the promise of mankind's hope in the form of its greatest aspirations, worthy acquisitions. The intelligence of theIsland, notable and shunned, yet elite, prudent above the ocean, an expectant child on old stuffed couches with their promise of a Saturday morning cartoon. Survival itself had fallen naked as a running rival between human intelligence and artificial, sprinting forward at some archipelago and falling behind on another. The machines, transparent, long term holders of data, are sturdy but with a new liquidity, not like the old ones fixed to the cement and steel of industry, are created by the old ones.  The contest here would be decided by nature, whose own slow evolution process had created the human sort of intelligence. 
     Suzi has become willing to address the most fashionable of scientific concerns, for now she also computes in fashionista code, true to her instincts.  She will never have to overcome convention to express herself, she is, to date, the finest quantum universe intelligence theory transponder eco robiot(Q.U.I.T.T.E.R.).

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Coastal View Surfers

Aloha coastal writers,
     Coastal view of industry and surfers inspire today. Enjoy!

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White Sailboat Blue Ocean

Aloha coastal science fiction writers,
     Small white sailboat on a big blue ocean inspires
today's coastal jungleSciFi. Enjoy and play on!

The Alternate
     It changes into a darker veil, dims little by little. At these moments, the jungle becomes something else, anything it wants to be, as it settles into more darkness, anything, that is, except gloomy. It has the mountains in the north and east, towers to the jungle valley. For the next few hours it can be breezy as the soils cool, and later as the ocean cools too, she is permitted to enter her own dream world as shrouds of wet air move across her valley. New signals will arrive soon enough. 
     By now, Cooper goes into deep thought, and by the time it's quiet enough to hear the waterfall, with its convincing rush, he will be making some firm decisions. If he doesn't start his routine now, he will have to answer to somebody, or, something later. For now he is left with the comfort of his own thoughts, a scientist in the quiet of his own lab, conceptualizing, not knowing by morning he would emerge to a disheartening sight.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Coastal IslandSciFi Writer

The Embracement
     It stands up above the ocean, where two mountain ranges are connected by a vast waterfall to the jungle valley below. The island stays within its allotted boundary, far from the more mobile tectonic plates, and lets water rush its own convincing response to gravity. All around the island the ocean holds itself in relative silence (it's had its fill of iron oxides and potash from the Continent II mining corporations giving its distinctive lime green, and more importantly, accumulations of iron nitrates, creating a permanent death zone, but of course the humans are working on it). The island itself , somehow, feels no such pressure from those irons and the nitrates, in fact the island seems to be oblivious of any emission coming from the ocean. There is a sense that any body that washes into the ocean would attract nothing active, no shark frenzy awaiting demise, no rip tides, no ocean current streams, nothing, only the stillness of lime green and its petroleum eating bacteria; other than that, not a thing--unless, of course, you count the lapping of the shoreline as nothing. It would seem that even the green moss hanging from huge black trees have arrived here by mistake too, the iron nitrates are odd even to them. Yes, that's it. the island itself has been on its own secret journey, taking Nature and her vast powers and sheer dimensions along for the ride, as if on an excursion to an amusement park, or, better yet, a State Fair, at least if those so-called states still existed. This island stands proud, erect, nothing can overwhelm her here. She is both a beacon and something else, yes, something to embrace. 

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Coastal SciFi Writer's Life

Pure Blackness
She goes outside in a quick darting motion. Suzi has seen this before and it affects her logic pods. She was coding in pure blackness when the mere sight of his eyes offended her. She looks directly into the sun with her micro intensity laser kits(M.I.L.K.)--is it recommended she view directly into the sun, with micro lasers? She never reads her best practices manual anymore, she lately just seems to forget those types of things. She is in no mood to talk, which is why she came out here.
She says to Cooper,"You shouldn't have spoken like that to me."  
Cooper hesitates for a few moments, amazed at Suzi turning on him with anger.  
She says, "Shouldn't have spoken."
This time, Cooper says nothing on purpose; he knows exactly what's happening with ComTrax's #1 invention.