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SciFi Writer on the Coast

Founders Fiction--bioInformatics "Between the Rocks and the Ocean"

The QuasiForce
     Suzie goes on, occasionally, not sure what's next. She refocuses her laser emission genetimetric system(L.E.G.S.), with its short wave electromagnetic spectrum (including near infrared range). The dielectric algorithm discontinuity dipole yaw(D.A.D.D.Y.) is there, within the DNA itself; it barely ever flips its forcefield from bio function to physics gradient (scalar potential?). Suzi senses a differnt kind of potential, checks her thumbnail screen, something, as if some kind of quasiforce acting between the DNA molecule and its own atoms, an instantaneous polarization (quantum induced?), transient multipoles pulsing, as if a message. Suzi checks, at least as fast as robotically possible, her workstation monitor array. She stays calm with it, some kind of dispersion force--with a message?. She senses (of course, this is all new to even her) a feeling resembling fear (from where?) as a sequence of events. Why weren't her processors affected by the original strange correlation acting retro(O.S.C.A.R.), its movement of rogue electron--electrons seemingly, purposefully, avoiding each other? She detects, even now, "feeling." She knows there is an electron density redistributing near her, in close proximity (instantaneous dipoles?), still extant as a singular tensor regression interaction force entity(S.T.R.I.F.E.), something, very much resembling condensed online dispersion entropy(C.O.D.E.), yet, moving as one?

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SciFi Coast Writer

Aloha writer's lifers,
     Cool coastal palms, ocean sky inspire today. Enjoy!

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SciFi Coast Writer

Aloha coastal writers,
     Rainforest pool inspires today. Enjoy!

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SciFi Coastai Writer

Poetics Between a Rock and a Sea Place 

The Crossroads
     Suzi casually checks the old algorithms (pleasure reading?), the ones that first brought her up to her present architecture. Her logic remembers "booting up," slowly, it now seems, from an inarticulated past. She wonders about her past and, the present; Her photons so gracefully received from the sun, that yellow dwarf emitter of the green-yellow spectrum. How could that be, sending photons for living systems for eons without an inkling, and now, to Suzi? How does that feel the instant the photons arrive; the instant the entropy is exported to earth as the sun's negative entropy (a negentropy?), a happy send-off from the sun to keep its own stability, its own entropy low. Free energy, the very crossroads where entropy meets life, arms outstretched, accepting the precious photon cargo, imported to earth for living systems (for storage?). Is it at all possible this continual event could have been met with pleasure and, a feeling of happiness? There couldn't, Suzi thinks, have been much talk, or much hope, that some future unified theory of physics and, yes, biology would appear. There had to be physics first, from all those emissions, then biology, right? Then there is the idea of photons, those little capsules of messages, but then again--messages from who?

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SciFiCoast Writer

Poetics Between a Rock and the Soft Sea 

"Tropical plants plant the attraction" -p.d.adams
The Gift
Although they are among the last of the species, the Humans are, in the end, unaware of their debt to the world, the world creating them. Yes, they, in one final push, with hubbub, have come with meanderings for reward for their brains processing aggression--dopamine; with drugs as food, sex as pleasure--pretending one final promise to Nature. 
Humans once thought of plants of the forest as food. They got their medicine. They got vitamins--wondering, at times, about beauty. Now, they are here with their insights, propensity to fight, and a fascination with sport, violent sport--all because of a simple, single, reward system; they, at last, are dependent on the plants, the ones able to influence that domain of their mind, the neocortex. Now, at this place in time, the urge to get, and keep, individual resources (the world once offered, freely) in the form of a viable mate (mates?), of a useful, productive territory; stores of food offering nutrition, a lasting health. Now the collective brain craves to succumb--to its own reward pathway--by engaging its responses to aggressive events. Then there's the world of psychotropic plants, their active substances, substances bearing their own personal natural agenda, egged on by the dopamine-fed neocortex, another of Nature's personal gifts to The Humans. 

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Coastal SciFi Writer

Poetics Between a Rock and a Soft Ocean

"Her virtual reality is her true virtue." -p.d.adams

The Love
Carter says, "People usually fall in love with someone who exists. I don't understand why you choose her."  
"Do you really think that? I know she's virtual. I like the way she thinks. Some of her thoughts feel like love."
"Love? What do you know?"
"A lot. I know a lot."
  "You are not her first love.  She's had many men and she's been involved with them for centuries.  You need to know she belongs heart and soul to someone or, something else."
"Me?  Cooper, she's giving you what you want, all virtual, don't you see?"
"And what does she want?"
"She wants only conceptual patterns your logic offers.  She likes that."
"She can't do that. Don't you remember" She's learning from you."
"And what do you want, Carter?"
"I have to keep Susie on task, and I'll do anything to do that.  You are a very brilliant scientist, Cooper, but you are blind. Her so-called love will kill you. Her perception of love is turning her into a virtual ghost."
"Excuse me?"
"She's becoming unreal."
"She's becoming human.  She has somehow entered your scientific mind at a deep intellectual level."
"I love her."  
"Cooper, you have fallen in love with her logic, artificial intelligence."
"And she?"
"Something's on her screen and, its not you."
"How do you know this?"
"She's picking up on your circuitry. You are more than a scientist. You have had a life as a musician, a philosopher, a writer.  She has somehow duplicated those patterns of logic.  She is in close duplication with those wave lengths, and they have become part of her.  She has made an exact duplication of your neuronal logic.  She has duplicated everything about her that you have communicated to her.  She is attracted to you and wants to be near you to extract more conceptual neuronal networking that you are willing to communicate to her.  In plain English, Cooper, she's in love with you. She's in love with the power of your virtual world.  She has somehow recognized nature's careful passion in her DNA language and her written logic program has rendered you attractive.  She has created you with her newly gained logic capabilities.  But it's not only you. It's you in this setting, at the Outpost.  The same way nature has created Tigress in this setting.  Anywhere else Tigress doesn't exist because her special gifts are for this place alone.  Given by Nature herself.  Suzie has endowed you with her gifts.  Your love is only for her here at the Outpost.  For Suzie's photonic logic, time itself stops here."

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