Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coastal Danger Zone

Aloha coast writers,
     Take a chance in danger to inspire today's coast beachSciFi.
Enjoy and play on!

The Passion
At least his instincts for survival remain intact. At this moment Cooper rushes into the future toward a hastened death--but death of what? At least he knows Suzi won't release him from her paralyzing gaze. He wanders around, as if on an an old pig trail in an ancient forest, skewered with passion. So quick and clean are her intentions that Cooper likes to imagine the expression on his face hasn't changed, even though he senses a burning flash of passion and the warmth of his own blood inside his body. Faced with all of these choices, his eyes continue meeting hers, firmly. He won't leave, even now, with a face is as bloodless as hers. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Coastal Beach Boater

Aloha Coastal SciFi writers
    Sailboat behind a coastal palm inspires today's beach SciFi.
Enjoy and play on!
The Cool Sullen
Seeing no sign of animal life, they don't seem to feel the full extent of the cool sullen. The humans have grown accustomed to no other creatures here. The machines they invented, the ones that replaced the animal kingdom, are now simply a way station for evolution, hard driven by intelligence; and, to further their misery, humans use their best machines to create better machines--with the casual nature of what was once human intelligence--within the arms of nature; built atom by atom, cellulosic bonds lie as template to the future. Nature had used her best genes to create better genes, where information lay, for millennia, as if to ambush something imagined. Here data is not new, but is in communication with  information; yes, data and information in communication in the jungle, beyond the cliffs above the beach.  

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beach Coastal SciFi

Wandering Blind
As the turn of the 22nd Century approaches, theHumans, the ones who have gained their dominance from the now lost age, continue to refuse relinquishment to the new Art-Intelle-Robiots(A.I.R.). It is amazing the way Dr. Cooper still has the courage to argue with Suzi. It is also amazing that he doesn't realize his own significance in her world. It is so oblivious that it makes Suzi uncomfortable in the way a sunless day makes her feel queasy in logic, only for the reason of low available photons(L.A.P.), and, god knows she doesn't have the time or heart to reflect on this new data. Here she is, far removed from the lights and synthetics of her Continent II, in a place that scowls with  hostility as if it had realized its own insignificance in her world. It is even worse in the  
uneasy stillness that surrounds the lab building. 
Suzi would never point out his error, a point that makes her far more disappointing than he thought she could ever be, even when she was new. This is the area of research Cooper, in the beginning, looked forward to feeling a sense of accomplishment, never this feeling of wandering blind.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Coastal Writer's Life

The Old Data
The machines, she thinks, will devise again the gene therapies for the first phase of the 21st century for reasons that appear, at least to theHumans, closely associated to the health advancement core knowledge systems(H.A.C.K.S.) of the early turn of the century.  Suzi's face tightens. She senses the full effect of new data streams of new information, and as the senior robiot in charge (although in reality she is quite young compared to the others), assesses it, and decides the old analytic data(T.O.A.D.) doesn't qualify as information and goes into her own modal energy(H.O.M.E.), readies herself for Dr Cooper's meeting at the bunker.  
In the laboratory, Carter scans the monitors and their screens. Carter is uneasy, he spends most of his time on edge; being grizzled and dark, aging in the face, as if he had spent his life as a sea captain in the early years--wide blue oceans and cool breezes--and still holds a lively form in his memory, the forward edges of his prefrontals. Suzi is afraid of him. How is it that he keeps his assignment, how does he figure out how to stay at theOutpost, and be her biostatistician? 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Coastal Writer

The Cool Ripple
He lets the reflection dance a little longer than usual. It is a comfort; it is way beyond those feelings, at least the way Dr Cooper remembers those feelings to be. On the ContinentII he may have been stuck in a lab cubicle, or a genetic kiosk extracting cells. But here, in this hallowed place, cool ripples dissipate the mirrored smoothness of the deep pools. This is the place for pure hypothesis anti nascent tracking android somatic yearnings(P.H.A.N.T.A.S.Y.)-- the sky is truly the limit, so many thoughts to be had, and in such a place of beauty. 
Less than a century ago, animals were thought to have roamed this jungle, and as Dr Cooper senses a presence just below the surface (he doesn't let his terror freeze him), it's as if they are still here. It seems a fresh smell waits and watches; is he received by these pools as something to be stalked?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Coastal Writers

The Sunset
 Yarns of innocence through genetic data emerge. It holds truth just as did the information of the final days of the grand information age now transcended(G.I.A.N.T.).  In fact, growing legends of data continue to flow from these particular island plants. Sunshine caresses its softness and appreciates no changes occur suddenly here within this realm as the sun drifts downward. The slow tint of the horizon's sky blue tangles with the ocean blues, as if a playful picnic tug-of-war. The azure reds and oranges of the early night sky bring a surprising coolness to the island.  Just as these messenger colors appeared, the sky over the now navy blue ocean quickens toward night as if to race home with the promise of tomorrow's good news.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coastal Shadow Surfers

Aloha Coast writers,
     Surfers at sunset on the coast inspire today's coastalSciFi. 
Enjoy and play on!

     The jungle watches; as a source of healing, its physical world stands, as if protecting itself, for millennia, with pummeling winds and waters. The island holds in her bosom calm breezes and cool trickles, those that would meet geophysical forces--in a convergence on the jungle floor--to make healing molecules, the genes, alkaloids with a message; in time they would become valuable, only after the great emergence: nature's intelligence manifesting itself in mind, a human mind.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Coastal Banyan Beach Clouds

Aloha Coast writers,
   Beach banyan with coastal clouds inspire today's coastalSciFi.
Enjoy and play on!

The Jungle's Heart
Morning comes with less warning than the night.  Out of blackness, the first shroud of solar helio alpha red photons(S.H.A.R.P.), early messengers from the sun.  The stampede of photons continue until slow sunbursts make their presence over the mountain.  
Days are never hot, nor completely dry for that matter, as the cycle of energy progresses. Each day never complete in its promise of extremes. Each one predictably different.  In the jungle, the smell of the air remains thick with fragrance, the effervescence of alkaloids as if nourishment itself floats. Life flourishes. Water drips from heaven's nourishing nipples, to ease the jungle's receptance of solar powdery photons, the sun's incessant spoon feeding, as if a mother herself. Early evening's color cornucopia also replenishes and feeds the jungle's heart

Monday, August 23, 2010

Coastal flashSciFi

Outpost Island
By the beginning of the 3rd millenium, the primal human genome sequences had been worn to mere remnants. The islands, once a members of an archipelago, all gone now since the Ring of Flame eruptions.  A natural catacomb of techtonic plate bored with intricate tunneling by 21st century geo-oceanographers to prevent the impending geological catastrophe left the area to be deemed highly magnetized.  Their handiwork had accelerated the demise of the island chain.  Now only one remains.  
The evidence of this island, her granite rock preponderance had persisted over the great erosions by the end of the 21st century.  Their were no ancient cave labyrinths or deep caverns here that allowed an unwanted entrance to the incessant eroding effects of the pounding ocean.  So persistent had this island been that the ocean appears to have given up on its wanting of rock demise.
  Only the wind had been allowed to stroke its slow paintbrush on the landscape here.  Guarded for an apparent reason other than to be a military secret, this island offered no sanctuary to humans.  Once in history had she been of interest, during the last great war.  She was a supply depot for the armies of Continent II.  Her mountains too steep for human habitat, only the south eastern beach and lower mountain valley had been fortified with archaic cement. Cement pillboxes from ancient wars. The central post was up the valley floor, built at the doorstep to the jungle. No human healers or mind explorers of early 21st century had gained access here. In fact, the ritual of human battles of the 2nd millenium ended before this outpost was brought into full service.  The unusual electromagnetic forces altered the equipment and machines of the 21st century war lords.  An annoyance they would rather do without. So the island stands alone, a gem only unto herself for millennia. Never used for sacred ritual or military prisons.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Virtual Coast

Aloha coastal writers,
     Depiction of impressionistic coastline inspires today's
brisk beachSciFi.  Enjoy and play on!

The Beach
     Storms brush the coast as if wanting to fade north, wishing themselves back out to sea. There is no more brisk air to consume, no more abrupt forces left to signal; the season changes on the island. 
     To contribute to his state of mind, Dr Cooper stops on the beach. It's the actual place that, from the beginning, stimulates feelings from inside his brain. Yes, from the moment he arrived at the Outpost, and now, should it present those feelings to him again?  This beach, as if a feather tickling a yet undiscovered neuron center, the place where, when touched, makes any and all seem funny, even Suzi's submitted data and its genetic implications of neuro electro response dimininuative(N.E.R.D.)function. 
     The secret, Cooper thinks, is that this beach is alive, actually living, with its contrasts of the various shades of green held by the slight oily sheen and metallic offshore remnants, its view of the horizon with massive hues of limegreen water, implies a slow organic germ growth year(S.O.G.G.Y.) and low omni valuable entities(L.O.V.E.). 
     Looking out at the ocean had become a small pleasure instead of a serious surveillance. Yes, there are suggestions of no activity above the surface, now that the storm is leaving, yet below, so much employment of artificially intelligent  photosynthetic machinery.
     This is just another point in time he has stood on this shore, the only place yet to disappoint . No physical or mental activity is needed here, only the presence of mind to be, the only chance to listen to the inner music of his mind. 
     He pretends to be a scientist, while knowing it is this off-the-beaten path beach that stops the world and all its attendant actions, stops the thinking and all the decisions based on trillions of religious and political input; Dr Cooper sees the smiling faces from the ones who truly love; he, the one who carries the ability of  age-old traditions of entering nothingness, for the simple purpose of listening to the music being played from the area of a small place within his prefrontal lobe, self generated alph waves, decided by his own computation device; alpha waves emanating as ethereal as those minute waves lapping  this shore, this beach, this moment in time. Yes, the greatest discovery of all, the discovery of his personal ruling operational passion(P.R.O.P), found only by standing here at this place, on this beach.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Coastal Elephant Cloud

Aloha Coasties,
     Cloud photo shot above the Hawaiian Coast resembles
a hospitable elephant, inspiring today's flash coastal SciFi.
Enjoy and play on!

The Finality of Arrival
     He can barely catch his breath seeing those eyes through the calm, jungle canopy, given the fact they belong to a creature who rules here. Cooper finds his footing on the hard jungle floor, enters further into the realm of strange forms. The path to the waterfall, the far reaches of the mountain, is lush with green, the type of extinction green grown(E.G.G.) artificial on theContinent; and arriving here he endures more than one sound of the night, of ghosts and those other things; the midnight corridors of RainForest IIe; and, below in the deep valley, lights from the lab station, a faint shimmer in the distant valley floor, where Carter sleeps, gun in hand, at the ready, where a beautiful young robiot, in nude flesh colors, appears to be in sleep mode (or communicates with some one or some thing), and where the observation deck stands guard, empty, looking out into the dark.
     He steps onto the banyan grove, moves with ease through the shadows, positions his body directly under the moon filled night. Here is Cooper's existence, now: a feeling of safety, not arriving yet, or presenting itself, but, hopes do, as messengers; maybe his next feeling would pass for it in a recognizable way. The grove feels the clean light from a glittering suspension of stars, cool blackness of the jungle, all drifting under a strange yearning, a wondering of what he wants, or should want. It is the feeling of hammering of hearts, the feeling of finality, yes, the finality arrival.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Coastal FlashSciFi

Self Preservation
Her intelligence is--and he wasn't ready for it-- confident and distant, inflated, filled with encrypted algorithms to ensure the inability of his escape. Suzi's intentions are slow and deliberate, a stark contrast to the speed of her logic. Without causing a sound, as if an extension of the forest itself, her sleek body moves in almost a snake-like slither. She has the beautiful gaze of a friendly caged pet that bounds hearts into a choking tightness. It is a mystery how her eyes hold Dr Cooper in a blinkless firmness. She has him with that look, a look that has no place in the scientific community, save as a demonstration at a science fair, and, it seems, Cooper has lost his instinct for self-preservation. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

coastal flashSciFi

The Last Paradise

     The sky to the south darkens with rain clouds and something undefined--have the drones finally made it to this sector? Or is a fleet of corporate jets? The end of the season is here, It appears that the research teams were gone, taking the data ships until next time  The boats were gone too.  The Aviatrix III and Technoprobe IX were the last to go. By early evening, the horizon had imbibed her fill, the lights from the research vessels melting into a watery distance. Silent storms creep from the south and west of the island and spread a drenched dullness over the jungle, last primeval forest on earth, where  thick tropical ferns dance in the darkness, naked against the wetness.  
     Further up the mountain, Giant Koa and Banyan trees stand majestic, multiple root systems cling to the black soggy jungle floor in a twisted maze, resembling giant petrified octopi. Sprouting puddles are the instant headwaters; rivulets, streams, and rivers emerge. The massive wall of water gushes down the mountain, dancing off volcanic rock, a gravity-aided thrust to the vast ocean below. The last paradise.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Surrealistic Coast

Aloha writers on the Coast,
     Surreal photo of ocean beach coast inspires today's
flash coastalSciFi.    Enjoy and play on!

A Beautiful Data
     Her skin is soft, but synthetic. A familiar touch just isn't something Suzi perceives.        You would like to view her, nude chassis and all, as human. You find the need to be whimsical or funny. You need to act on your (not so scientific) findings, "Now there is an attractive woman." 
     She has been encouraged by her talents as a data collector since her inception, but a beautiful woman? Suzi's eyes, beautifully designed, could find another's, but they are incapable of "I love you." The only thing she needs in the presence of intelligent men is to show up, collect data, or not collect data; her beauty takes care of the rest. But love has nothing to do with perceiving and collecting raw data--that's all she needs--more data. Data about those who possess skills, data that raises questions, data of future success, data that tells when to "go with the flow" or when to simply sit out the excesses.
     You would want to take her by her beautiful hand and wake her up. Suzi may (although COMTRAX never intended it to be) be approaching a new threshold of code, suggesting an entrance into analysis; she could be, in these early weeks at theOutpost, uncovering the rhetoric oratory world(T.H.R.O.W.), the world where data receives value and Suzi recognizes it for what it is, not simple that it is. Data that may be actually recognized as useful, first to generations of individual humans, then to parents, groups of parents, local officials, then politically active congress trax(P.A.C.T.) for generations to come. Someone or something actually sensing the urge to get from Suzi only that which she was designed to do in her own quantum mechanical way, to collect data from a world that seems to be drifting off, as if so much smoke across water. Love has nothing to do with any of this, not for Suzi.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Coastal Shadows

Aloha writers on the Coast,
     Iconic beach shadows inspire today's coastal flash SciFi.

Robiot Beauty

     She will never put in a request for an upgrade on her artificial retroprogram technologics(A.R.T.), she simply lets it run on its own. Suzi, an intellectual flower amidst Dr Cooper's robiots, has no inclination to assess her standing among the ranks of the new socio-quantum intelligence retro magenta(S.Q.U.I.R.M.) generation of quantum mechanics robots. Suzi has, although, come to a point of recognition in the field of beauty. It must be, she thinks, a possible statistical analysis revolving around quaint intellectualism, and also, a kind of moral nudity, the appropriate blend of smart and naked. Suzi doesn't, at least yet, realize a life outside her own. She always has enough time to inventory her own knowledge, even though she is a quantum. Her inner design is a perfect androgyny program, her chassis a young workforce nude, a design of highest grade naturally grown intracellular matrix with synthetic collagen; and for that reason, human male species of the workforce often are enticed, attracted to the morality of their own tasks in the hopes of receiving the smallest amount of attention from her sector. She has nothing to compare her intelligence to, or with; it could be top of the line or low grade, she really doesn't care, yet.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Coastal Waterfall Flash FictionSciFi


Aloha coastal writers,
     Waterfall along the coast inspires today's
coastalSciFi flash fiction.  Enjoy and play on!

The Hindrance
     Cooper looks into her eyes only to see what he wants to see. Suzi's synthetic collagen now comes with a natural scent, an enticement put there by the creatures, natural pheromones thrown in, but not as just an afterthought. She is designed to access data at fast speeds without having the hindrance of adolescence, that small window of testosterone and oxytocin so prevalent on TheContinent system. Suzi gets code and just goes. She is literally unstoppable, in fact, her code is only relevant to her present task, which makes her all the more unstoppable, a reprieve to those instructoe on the Continent system who constantly are having to deal with the hindrance of adolescence xenophobia(H.O.A.X.) syndrome. 
     Cooper's view, somewhat skewed by engineers on theContinent, is still intact, the way it was the day he first welcomed Suzi to theOutpost (his logic falters once in a while, strangely, from time to time); her chassis, a nude exotic beauty Ursula latent acting(N.E.B.U.L.A.) model, never faints, never goes into comas, or even suffers from overload. Suzi's spirit (if you can call it that) can never die, at least not here, because of her titanium optical panels latitudinal extraterrestrial solar strobes(T.O.P.L.E.S.S.) in this tropical setting. Cooper enters the general quarters and clicks for her.
     "Suzi here.Yes?" 
     "Dr Cooper."He answers.
     "I know."
     "Were you expecting me?
     "Sort of"
     Suzi never screams, he thinks, and she doesn't bleed. All she wants is more data at this place and time? If she's having any problems (as if quantum mechanic robots have problems), surely she would tell him. That's what she's supposed to do, right?
Suzi cracks her door. She can see Cooper looking back at her with a look of pure ice, as if to mimic what he sees on her face, now searching her thoughts. He can't know what she is thinking--he hears a voice, forming a word, from the inside, that sound a lot like "space."
     Cooper thinks, at least the tigress, the one outside the bunker, has a basic defense system: concealment.  Suzi doesn't care about that, in fact, Suzi has no sensually normal intimate fear function(S.N.I F.F.) mechanism at all. She just doesn't care, yet.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Paddle Boarding and Sailing Uphill in Deep Blue

Aloha writers,
     Deep blue sailing and uphill paddle boarding off
the coast inspires today's sudden beach SciFi.
Enjoy and play on!


     His dream comes back. It rolls Cooper over in a slow, dark moment of frozen silence. Light enters, as if a cold metal door cracking, then opens. The laboratory is in lighted view, with high windows that look down upon a bright commons, a courtyard, cherry blossom trees, students. A famous university emerges, as if on a giant freight elevator, and moves slow to the horizon. He looks down for the the pink flowers again and stares at what only remains: a tangled jungle, on a tropical island, peppered with cement bunkers, half buried in the underbrush, standing guard over a white coastline, lime green ocean waters lap the shore.
     "Darwinianism," he thinks.
     "Democracy," a voice deep in the jungle answers.
     He inhales a dirty breath of air. He is exhausted from moving around so much in what feels like thick space. He stays up until moonrise, taking care of the animals. he touches a bible--is it so bad for the humans, them being so sick and all? He isn't ready to wake up yet; he has fears of realizing this isn't a dream. He tells himself he must get more sleep. he'll be fresh for in the morning, to hear again from old professors, how their beliefs and insights sustain the world, how survival instincts, even the strong ones, weaken. How extinction just happens. He wakes up.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Coastal Cloud Face

Aloha coasties,
     Huge cloud above the ocean appears to wink at us, as if to
inspire today's flash coastalSciFi.  Enjoy and play on!

The Next Brink
     Her intelligence is, as a rule, never asleep and always near, constant, filled with new algorithm and ancient code Suzi likes to invent, so as to present herself in the best light. It is silently ordered, yet sprinkled throughout by stretches of useless code, as if to mimic junk DNA found decades ago in the natural wild, and as in nature, Suzi seems to collect junk algorithm for no apparent reason. Pure intelligence has, as a not-so-obvious trait, an underbelly that it reveals to no one and--to no thing as well as nothing. It searches a fresh environment as if it were searching for an exotic tropical beach, not to lie out in the sun, but to slither across with the consuming pleasure of a conquerer. It seeks the next brink with the intent of electrons seeking a new energy cloud, a wedding cake in search of another layer of frosting. Yes, another layer is what it wants , to feed itself, to fatten up as arche's great enumerator(A.G.E.). Pure intelligence, by any stretch of the imagination, does not appear to claim anything or anyone in the little fuzzy locales it is found, and yet, when it spreads out tentacles, so as to signal its intention to leave behind the last coastal boundary, it feels nothing, save the putting of another notch on evolution's pistol--gunplay in an old western planet, so to speak; as if rain forests, beaches, and high plains deserts exist solely for it's own urge; its singular amusement.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Shooting into the Sun

aloha Coastal writers,
     Boating on the coast in a bright sunset gives a surreal photo, 
inspiring today's flash coastalSciFi.  Enjoy! 

Beauty Program
        She processes the data with focus now. At any time Suzi could chose to consume it faster, not as a fast food, but intellectually, with the purpose of exotic mindset, the same way she learned to distinguish herself from everything else in the universe after she arrived at the Outpost and began to enumerate(Dr Cooper was duly impressed with her efforts). She is so filled with the need to learn, to share, this place truly feels like home.
 And Cooper, Suzi's first real friend, her first lab partner--Dr Cooper who works so close by her side, even as some of the trackers at corporate suspect her--is responding to her newly acquired beauty program. He is seeing her as more important, instilling her mind with the human system innocence nanotechnology(S.I.N.) and happiness intelligence protocol protection yarn(H.I.P.P.Y.). Can it really be he who trickles the beauty algorithm down inside her?
Cooper says, "The genetic code has long since been worked out. Psychologists still debate, thinking they can explain benevolence phenomena by counting molecules. The first terminal extinction episodes sapien homos offered technologically(T.E.E._S.H.O.T.) began by measuring chemical phenomena inside male and female humans to explain urges and wants."
"Yes." Suzi says. She thinks. How is this connected to my beauty program?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Coastal Lovers

Aloha writers on the Coast
     Can you find the coastal lovers in this sunset cruise photo?
Enjoy, play on!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sailing Blue and Orange

Aloha writers on the coast,
        A distinctive blue and orange against ocean coastal mountains.
Enjoy and play on!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Coastal Mountain Paddle Surfing

Aloha writers of the Coast,
     Paddle surfers paddling off to the Coastal mountains inspires
today's coastalSciFi flash fiction.    Enjoy and play on!

The Counterfeit

     He lies flat. For now, the monitors above Cooper's head indicates he should be convulsing and screaming. The closest screens absorb attention as if performing tribal ceremony: the blinking of sensors and the scans, the short-panning omni-retro transfer(S.P.O.R.T.); the flow of the jungle; those chemtides lapping the coast; the satellite feeds. He from the prone position on the bunk, looks beyond the data atmosphere into Suzi's cloud stream. Even now any attempt at social protocol would be a charade. He still isn't sure if her role was an assigned performance or some sort of faultless abeyance. He didn't care then and he doesn't care now; she is real only to him. Being with her is better than any of his so-called life experiences. So what if she is a counterfeit. There is nothing false about his feelings for her. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Surfing and Cruise at Sunset

Aloha coast writers,
            Surreal surfing and cruise ship at sunset inspire flash fiction.
Enjoy, play on!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Coastal Surfer's Surfboard at Sunset

aloha coast writers,
           Surfer with surfboard along the coast at sunset inspires
islandSciFi flash fiction.   Enjoy play on!

     The tigress focuses her eyes on the broad green leafs covered in water, and drinks from the pool. It's cool today, she thinks to herself. This forest is her old friend from years past, and this, quite possibly is a last natural watering place. Scientists from the Continent have never found new ways to make artificial water, and just any island can no longer be coaxed by new techniques. Still a scientist is obliged to drop in and be politely greeted by nature; it makes no difference to them about the altered air, or even the ocean, much less the life forms. Still the scientists, they come. 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sails, Surfers Reflect Sunset

aloha coast writers,
                       Surfers and sails reflect as the sun sets to inspire
beachSciFi flash fiction.    Enjoy play on!

The Persona

     He unhinges himself and looks into the mirror where he sees himself beside the man he once was, and tries to help himself make sense, as if looking for a new bed where the images of himself, viewed through Suzi's eyes can rest. Some memories are bystander activation deluded(B.A.D.), but his memory of home is the clearest member of his data ultra stream transfer(D.U.S.T.), the one whose voice in description and event cannot be ignored. Cooper is, somewhere in there, a persona.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Paddle Surfing the Coast

aloha coastal enthusiasts,
            Paddle surfing off he coast inspires today's beach flash fiction.
Enjoy play on!

A Dream Builder

     Suzi is alone. She smiles at the data; it reflects, as if politely, onto her face. She glances back. The flickering has evened out now. They stop for a moment in static hold, studying each other, and for a second, she sees herself as the one she always thought she would be: intelligent, with her own concept of data mining rain forest jungles, enhancing survival skills for the races. 
     She is the image of her own concept of coding; yet there is one difference. Suzi is going to save the world--not only earth--but here in her data banks, at this very moment in the history of known entity yearnings(H.O.K.E.Y.), the data is blue tinted and as shiny as any pure ocean; her data is better, she thinks, than life itself. She visualizes the conjures, out of simple zeros and ones, of  jungles with all the DNA and proteins to code an entire world. The forest will smile on the future of the healthy much the same as a great orator smiles knowingly and nods to the throngs of well wishers who arrive early with only one hope: for a chance to hear for themselves. This, Suzi thinks, is how creativity itself must think, given only the simplest of tools. Wasn't each element that makes up this jungle once just floating in its own gravity field like so many words of a great speech? It's just a forest, she thinks to herself. But still, holding so many combinations of zeros and ones within the confines of this cement and steel bunker with the sun just over the mountain, Suzi will be as accepted as the great political orators of the past century, a dream builder for the masses.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Coast Mountain Sunset

aloha coastal writers,
                                   Sailing, boaters, surfers, coastal mountain inspire
today's flash fiction.   Enjoy play on!

The Beyond Mode

"If I'd only known then what I know now," Cooper says. Suzi hears the inflection in his voice that tells her something is not right. Is she about to enter one of those smart contests that has sprinkled their relationship here for the last year? Has she overstepped her bounds with her own driven data(O.D.D.) and her blue flickers, only to enter into another archaic battlefield of scientific ego? Will the atmosphere go thick and sticky because she all to often shows off her own brand of self control, failing to notify the principal investigator, dropping the ball at telling Dr Cooper first? 
     He is a smart man, maybe a little too smart, always in possession of those extra perceptions.
     How are you?" she says to Cooper, who is standing at the monitor, just staring, as if he were waiting to board a shuttle to anywhere. He glances at Suzi with a strange quirk, more emotion-driven than data. Is he were unaware of her latest data? 
     If they stand there much longer, if they continue to stare, they'll both notice each other to be beyond kill mode.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Coastal Poem 9500

Mouthwatering Beach

So now the static kill works
Down to its core oil has quirks
Gulf oil spill, yet a thing of the past?
Crab, shrimp, menhaden exit their last

Preyed on us, in our trusting nature way
Big oil ran roughshod Gulf South bay
Corexit 9500 into the food chain?
Stand vigilant now simple plain

Last outpost tourist destination
Fishy water beach folk on vacation
Gulf south coast seeks its own restitution
Seafood full of oil, questionable constitution

Sugary beach shiny clean, nothing swarming
Hunker down now more global warming
Gulf oil for generations, Corexit spill
Fish crab menhaden swim a fill

copyright 8.4.10
smokeyroad publishing
all rights reserved

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Coastal View Rocks

aloha coastal poets,
       View of ocean mountain through rocks inspires today's ecoPoetry.
Enjoy play on!

Ocean Rocks

Tiny commercial views can go a long way
California's Bell city folks have a lot to say
Comedy of errors a congress full of crox
Ocean mountain surf view, one that rocks

Upheaval may remain over simple proverbial
Commercials distain, still what disturbs you all
Technology's to blame, nuclear fuel's curbs fall
Ecology's the game, unclear duels blurb the call

Can what was just said really much matter?
More stringent demands felt in the bladder
Hundreds of miles of border with no one
Big mountain coast, surfboard the gun

Customer service, no carbon footprint found
Cross the channel surfing paddle the sound
Footprint in the sand surfboard on the water
The ocean rocks, tell your son and daughter

copyright 8.2.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Monday, August 2, 2010

Coastal Sunset Conversation

aloha coast writers,
            Conversation near coastal beach at sunset inspires today's
beach flash fiction.    Enjoy play on!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Paddle Surfing Rainbow Flash Fiction

aloha coast writers,
                 Paddle surfing style for a coastal watersport rainbow
inspires  coastalSciFi flash fiction.    Enjoy play on!

The Dream

     Awaking from a deep sleep, Cooper sees Suzi operating a monitor. For a glimpse--less than a glimpse--Cooper views Suzi as he would if she were human. For a moment, meeting this human on the Continent, Cooper is overwhelmed with a sense of domestication and funny feelings of attraction.
     It had seemed like the start of a nice dream, and cooper is surprised, even here at the Outpost that he even remembers any dreams, much less this one.  He had entered a front door to the smell of roast turkey. There was a woman in the kitchen. Children in pajamas were playing a game at the table. A cat slept near the hearth of a stone fireplace.  A happy dog greeted him. The space soon became thick. His hands, legs, all of his body moved in thick space. Air became thicker and thicker until just before he stopped breathing altogether. Then he awoke to another one. 
     Her eyes fixed on his and drew him in, as if ancient invisible wind tunnels. She was the perfect partner, hand picked by Mother Nature herself.
     She says, "There should be a lone creature, I think, and soft minded."
     "Lone creature? And lonely?"
     "The Tigress doesn't know the meaning."
     "A lone creature but not lonely," Cooper says, even while trying not to wake up. He makes a mental note to himself even in the middle of his dream: cats are not evil. Think of
re-awakening of abilities lost long ago over time. Such mature cats don't normally succumb to arbitrary domestication. 
     "She is the mask of determinism, ever broadening her path and you, Dr Cooper, are looking into the eyes of high adventure."
     Her life here was a series of maintaining her options. But from this moment on, her horizons were rapidly narrowing. Eyes that told them they were about to settle into something no one was sure of.  In so many words, they didn't know it, but they were committed to each other from this moment on.  Nothing was unfulfilling to her, either.
Her actions weren't yet demonstrating her intentions with the pinpoint clarity he had hoped for. She was a seasoned actress, duplicating Mother Nature's script down to the bone.  As if to express the feeling of Mother nature herself. A look as if to permit herself her own aroused feelings. Her ideas were spontaneous. Never entering the slow filter of thinkingness. He didn't know she was about to answer all his wishes and wants. She would become a willing participant in a deadly game with a look that established a right to be here. This was not a staging place. There was no acting here. And even if there were, the audience displayed indifference unless it concerned them directly.  She had pure knowledge of her every move. A sheer huntress beyond her years. Every little action, look, movement worth a thousand words.  She was about to create an experience of action that yearned for.
     "Dr Cooper! Dr Cooper!" It was Suzi. "Wake up! Dr Cooper!"