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Tropical Frenzy

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A photo can inspire a story. Stories from a photo can be a photo essay. Stories tell of the most memorable part of the image. Let's compose with the idea of story today. Enjoy!

Poetry For Our Times: The Unlit Farmhouse

Let me tell you what I know speaking easy soft and slow
Can you hear me I can only guess yet your eyes answer yes
The story starts so long ago comparative splendor most never know
Beginning as bubbles rising from brew in an unlit farmhouse or two

I know because I myself was there but no gambler's grimace I did wear
Emotion's elastic laughterby the fire kept warm the family from outside ire
Competing for attention with smiles abound awake in a home where love was found
Sift through my thoughts and still I see small children abound as Mother would read

Tears and laughter flowed so electric simple stories never eclectic
Impoverished hordes outside remained I only heard the story as it rained
Desire in the night only to learn as the fire gave light and wood would burn
The truth of the trill gave ourchances as creative thoughts did their little dance

The need of life to face the lonely to wash and shine and not be the only
Yet the thrill of the chase when I am alone wakes me soon takes me back to that home
Curry the favor of lifes little choices and still hear the call of those little voices
Poets of our time will seek their glory yet each one alone still tells their own story

State of the Union Inspired Poem

Clarity Above the Call: Now Here is America

Destiny has known procrastination yet senses of honor wake a nation

Come forward one and disagree all only to rise above the call

To lift from depths a fearless debate with hopes for the last day of hate

Dawnings of ages may come and go yet this one we must never forgo

Old adages remain throughout the ages as one defining moment yet still rages

Collective we stand to prove our innovation inviting to join all in conversation

Define the moment when the definitive rule yet identity can abide inside with cool

Now ingenuity again rears its knowing head in an unborn city that lies just ahead

A new dawn of day clarity rings true within our patriot game abide me and you

To be the first responder with fist unclenched to thirst and ponder economic stench

One nation shakes in this holy moment in a time its picture is posted as potent

Where optimism seeks a healthy wealthy ambition amid realms of public opinion

Debate with vision give and take pledges as home and hearth smooth all the edges

Wide girth to the new engagements we fight peacemeal between what's wrong and right

True peace can take a shot across the bow bold plan be a mover show the way somehow

Now providence include us all once again on any given day on any where or when

Key agendas its true we all can dispute yet history knows its her we salute

Let simple and honest and clear be our budget where skirmishes fail and cannot budge it

Plant economic gardens and dig what you may hint at an outline where all have a say

Self sufficience will suffice more than once or twice only beg your pardon and try to be nice

Uplift and be candid riff on the splendid rave and rant then see how it ended

Tow the big line batten down those taxes dig a deep fire line use your best axes

To blacken is no way just strengthen the day come together breech the tether get above the fray

As race and gender are no equity bender chase your hurrah and clarify now here is America

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Paddle Surfing

A Hawaiian fun activity. Enjoy!

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