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Here's a classic set around the holiday season of Christmas and New Year's Eve: The Apartment.
The ending gives you a warm, hot chocolate feeling, but this Academy Award winner's comedy-drama
themes at times turn your warmth Shakespearean and your hot chocolate dark.
Check it out: ---->

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Black and Blue Jeans

Black and Blue Jeans

Avoided controversy jumped on the wagon
Turned my TV-radio-net-in-the-bag on
See for yourself don't anybody leave
Black and Blue jeans are here to believe

Materials button and zipper USA
Cut sewed and trimmed the Korea way
Looming collapse they had to do something
Infuse the economy get it pumping

Designer jeans they stigmatize you
Korea black America blue
Have a voice in freedom of nations
Help those guys out of their isolations

Characterize you will or as you may
Freedom bells will ring over there some day
Don't vandalize now American dreams
The world can use a few black and blue jeans

Tropical Photo Poetry

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Flower Buffalo

Aloha Poets,
Flower buffalo insoires today. Enjoy!

Let's Be Caught

Let's hide out in a salacious balloon
Freaky by name let's go soon
Change the course of history's way
Once known so little let's lead the way

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