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Occupy Walls of Water

Aloha coastal lovers--occupy yourself with sci-fi from Waikiki Beach. Enjoy!

Island SciFi

        He is stilled by her responses. Suzi's look maintains impassion, expressive, eyes reaching, the probability of always positive within her small mainframe.  She exists, the first photon computer, only through generations of evolution of altruistic acts by theHumans. She somehow seems to know the existing world is oblivious. Her attempts (and there are billions per second) at coding for gene manipulations falter sometimes, but when they don't, they take enhance one of the most primal forces, the force of kin selection,, the one that enhances fitness through .   
     DrCoperati remains surprised at Suzi, her eager non-responses. He thinks, I'm always pointing out something she has already noticed. I believe her subsequent silence tries to dispel my next question.  His expression shows that he now shares apprehension with others.  
     Suzi works, continually, at with interest. The stream of logic, it seems, (logic from where?) adds something of its own, little by little, and she is constantly reminded that she has no photographic memory, only photon-graphic.
This is what it has all come to, a small jungle island in a huge ocean, the . Godge, the half-human analysis specialist assigned to Suzi, DrCoperati, the young scientist assigned by theNetwork, and Suzi, the world's first mobile quanta computer--the last ones dreaming of success. 

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