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Waikiki Sunset

Aloha Poets,
Waikiki sunset inspires today. Enjoy!

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Jungle Lookout

Aloha Poets,
Beautiful birds inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Cupcakes on Towers

Fuel a negotiated backyard farm
Your dance is the way I feel so warm
Spruced up palms down
Smart charm goes uptown

Harsh rosemary spicy glaze
Fires this missile through the haze
Auntie's antsy with closet chaos
Cupcakes on towers down in Taos

It was a dreamy fall off the ramp
Though I'm no rubber stamp
Confident ark meditation flowers
Your finishing touch my cupcakes on towers

Playful Ducks

Aloha Writers,
These ducks have the spirit of play. Enjoy!

Spirit of Play

Jostle a feather hustle the clocks
Inside a paradise paradox
Monster around stomp and roam
Active image call it a home

Do the good job not just have it
In the angel of pain strays a running rabbit
Points of duty to self and others
Surrounded by night and crying mothers

Quietly effective acts of sway
Survival before self teases away
Passing revelation ruffage and hay
No luggage allowed on this field of play

Tropical Photo Poems

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Duck

Aloha Writers,
Happy duck inspires today's spirit of play. Enjoy!

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Hibiscus Address

Aloha Writers,
White fence and mailbox with flower inspire today. Enjoy!

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