Sunday, February 28, 2010

Purple Surf

Aloha Poets,
Purple surf inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Message on the Throttle

That thing on your mind filters differential meanings of nice
Reflect upon messages with fingers on the throttle cool as ice
A safety net surely exists in that network of wonder
Danger lurks in amazement of discernment's blunder

A study of story steadies what was said at the recent helm
Cave woman chirps and bristles at incoming dangerous realm
Out of the past to quickly read that quirky new tweet
All in on the heads up as danger lies at your feet in no retreat

Sequence of links thinks and blinks a sing song kind of way
So chipper the slipper of message blips across the bay
Neuron mirrors pile on as steerers anticipates a need
Journalism redefines from behind the blinds of chiry speed

Writing and writhing join hands in birthing a news safety net
Sleep so deprives if they saw it in your eyes aftermaths rising yet
Startled fast sparks a fear to last that one millimeter wave of beauty
Eclectic clocks tick and rock beyond the fray all the way to duty

Emotions drive action arrives where rational thought goes begging
A little off message takes to the passage to get all the tales wagging
Emotional attention emerges loud mention grounded as daggers near
Messages on the throttle keep safety in its bottle and later fuels cheer

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Surf Safari

Aloha Poets,
Surf safari inspires today. Enjoy!

A South Facing Shore Blues

Wag a train across swagger land with a clear gift of gear
Top off the tank with wild stories whispered to hear
Craft a new course over bewitching spans of green sage
Feelings stay as arrival time comes to play and turn the page

Action beats all even when outmatched by actual emotion
Small ways felt from a distance wells to wake a swelled ocean
Complexities in the cities seek to arrive in low lying eddies
Smoldering rhyme similarly spends time on throwback ditties

A final pitch smiles in the surf to record a recent wet event
Sparkled specks go into effect as walls of water well spent
Well off the mark there goes another spark into the system
Splash counts for that or something flat to grow factual wisdom

Get to higher ground if you hear a sound of a daredevil's double take
Monitor the image as open waters take on a bowl-like shape
Beautiful little takes the title as forecast centers stage a newly found
About to experience a well full of reason to seek out higher ground

How could they know the whole toll only that it's out there somewhere
French Polynesia cures amnesia that part of the story is only fair
Coughing up snow softens the blow of scooping a hole from the beautiful
Story goes to resonate with harbors on tortilla flotillas so dutiful

A sheer reflection of what might have been wakes up again
A rolling sensation a wave complacent that never has been
Clocks still tick amidst the thicket of sticks to handle the whole thing
Get to higher ground oceans of sound hear south facing shores sing

Tsunami Surge Zone

Aloha Poets,
Tsunami inundation zone of Waikiki Beach, Hawaii. Tsunami generated by 8.8 magnitude earthquake un Chile, South America, expected to arrive here as a surge in about an hour.

Tsunami Impact Zone Waikiki

Aloha Poets,
Waikiki Beach hotels in tsunami inundation zone.Hawaii

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tropical Photo Poems

Aloha Poets,
Today's topic refers to The Honolulu Star Bulletin (Black Press Ltd) buying out the Honolulu Advertiser. Enjoy!

This is a consolidation not a fire sale. Black Press Ltd will take the best of Star Bulletin and Advertiser the way NewsCorp has been doing with media outlets for years.

The world has changed the way it receives content and the newspaper outlets are only responding. The demand for print advertising is sinking while (you guessed it) internet ads are rising. But it doesn't stop here.

A troubling trend coming out of the Midwest is publishers starting their own boutique ad agencies online, designing and placing their own ads.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pink Hotel Waikiki Hawaii

Aloha Poets,
Pink hotel inspires today. Enjoy!

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Surfers and Cruiser

Aloha Poets;
Surfers and cruiser inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Such Lovely Passion

Moving on through the ghost with winter's tug
Recognitions in a go pattern give a hearty hug
Touting optimism articulates a banal structure
To lacerate its literature into particulate scripture

Tranquil waters visibly shaken without a reach
Clearer and clearer across white sandy beach
News gathering garners within passion's massive dance
What it is you wanted with yet so sketchy passive glance

Impulses so natural arrive at critical mass
On grounds known by so few in practical class
Rough as it seems they choose to pass on a dare
Questionable quotations at the edge of patterned stare

Canadian comedians show their ups and downs
Finding a fit beats throwing oneself at the clowns
Other odors order up a complete complement
Worth the fuss as their seat sinks in cement

Precincts of the land presents a leeward call
Seawalls and seaweed way fare seaward for all
Beginnings and endings nest egg spattered dunce
Heartfelt rapture unjustifiably mattered once

Enduring endearments on the thought of the day
Long legacies of long legged fantasies have a say
Actions speak where behavior lags up to the rear
Unsavvy nature tries to save itself for all to hear

Questions go unanswered in indescribable zeal
Differences strike at random in species of the real
Talk it out and see your little town out of a painting
Such lovely passion leaves all the women fainting

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tropical Mountain

Aloha Gamers,
Tropical mountain inspires today. Enjoy!

Deepened and Opened

The refusal to grant in such a high status
Introduction of turn takes eventual hiatus
Artfully artificial the best talent can avail
Strong passage to chance meetings sets sail

Inner thoughts reinvent into action packed
Backed up within the system in passion pact
Narrative narrowly reverts to reinvent mode
As screwball seawalls take the brunt of the load

Breathe life into the bear of striking resemblance
Stand in the midst alone in a Viking assemblage
Tacked together they reflect a new rising tide
Tact to tether before they wreck their reprising pride

Add it all up to one simple testament
Intensifies to approach what nimble best meant
Crisis mode crackles to compel to move
Teams up despite not being deemed to approve

Pulsed to turn more than down hill on a sled
Or a sea surge to pound waves on what's being said
Locality of faculty stands alone and begs
While on the face of it plans on two legs

Move it forward from starting pose to ending
Spread a web of dependency in prose to be sending
Element of creation pushes and pulls
A force to reckon beyond doldrums and lulls

Speaking out in turn inside or out of
Thoughts and dreams rise to shout above
Difference makers rise and see how it ends
Multiplying in multiple ways and myriads of pens

Answers can help when armed to the teeth
Stiff arming an army with swarms to bequeath
In canine devotion we take care of our cats
Now contemplate completion with the tip of our hats

Tropical Photo Poems

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